Stephen's Greek Market & Grill

 Now serving beer and wine!

Welcome to Stephen's Market & Grill where our family is proud to bring you the freshest in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to Ventura, CA our home town. At Stephen's we're sharing family recipes that are sure to satisfy your appetite, please your taste buds and bring traditional flavors of Greece to you.

Our family originated from Greece on the Island of Lesvos, which is located on the northeastern Aegean Sea.  This hidden paradise is surrounded by olive trees, which grow on the hillsides and continue all the way down to the sea.  Food is a huge part of life in Greece, with ingredients like olive oil, feta cheese, lamb, and yogurt not only being incorporated into everyday meals, but whose rich history in Greek cuisine also play into meals during holidays and events like weddings and birthdays.

Our family has been in the restaurant business for over thirty years and we wanted to share the authentic meals that have been handed down from generation to generation with the community that has done so much for us.  In honor of the tradition, we named our restaurant Stephen's after our son, who has grown up loving Greek staples like olives and feta, knowing that we could make other people happy by sharing the richness of our culture one dish at a time.  We encourage you to bring a little of the Mediterranean home by shopping in our market that features: homemade desserts, imported olive oils, pastas, spices and more!

We know you'll love every dish we've created at Stephen's.  We look forward to serving your friends and family!